Friday, November 09, 2012

公視參觀照片說明 王竣 游勝閎 蘇東茂 石育玲 高敏

The function of this disc is to use to spread the messages on chain to the satellite.Called on the chain refers to the satellite ground station is transmitted to a radio link formed by the satellite link is comprised of the transmission path between the ground of the transmitter and antenna, the ground station and the satellite, the satellite antenna and the receiver.
This is a communications satellite signal "chain" to help spread the company a machine ground
The so-called "lower chain" refers to the satellite transponder frequency is transmitted to the ground station formed by a radio link, the link consists of the transmission path between the satellite transmitter and antenna, satellite and ground station, the ground station antenna and receiver.
Here is a room where they explain the program and talk about some new ideas.
A spacious carrying props elevators ceilinged space available capacity
Satisfied more than four thousand kilograms planks made ​​props.

Hand for HD studio has a fourth branch of high activity in the TBS crane camera angles in order to enrich the studio recording the screen changes.


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