Sunday, November 11, 2012

郭柏含 林宜瑩 張靖雯 吳艾心 許書瑋

Pa-Yin Group prepared to shoot a program of new year's eve in Public television studio.
There was FD standing beside them.

This map shows the dialectical distribution of accents of Hakka Language in Taiwan,
  with Sixian accent being the majority.

The master control room of the Public Television Service, equips with plenty of sophisticated electronic devices, is considered the core of the television operating system. On-air TV programes are monitored by several operators in order to not only fulfill the regulation required by the NCC but assure the accuracy and quality of the services.

The studio is a place for anchorpersons who are aborigines and could speak their language.

The max. loading weight of the goods elevator is 4000 kilograms.
The door is opened up and down and by both sides.


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