Monday, November 21, 2011

To visit Public Television Service

We follow the worker to visit main cotrol room, studio, prop room through workers expound that operation mode and future industry trends , One is digital trend, digital was borned to makes makeup artist, hardwave equipment also need to change their technology. digital will more and more popular .We will have high-definition view in more chanel.
I think that we are the most luckiest group of visiting groups. Because we saw it that other groups didn't see. Look this picture ,it's the first "SNG" car in Taiwan, it can live to audience and edit, make video in car.
The car be built price totally can buy a second-hand porsche. It's expensive and cool.
this trip is benefit greatly and make view more wide, thank you for Albert.
members: 吳瑋琳/簡靖婕


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