Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Public Television visit experience

This visit we visited the main studio, props room and main control room. In addition to recording together as we know, also learned the history of public television. As thePublic Television is sponsored by the state, so he did not ad time, there are only some of thesponsor's image advertising, and often hold fundraising evening make up enoughmoney. Public Television also provides information to the public space for their own shot, "Peopo", people are free to take all kinds of door area news, as well as in the event of a disaster, when local people can grasp the latest information. In addition, there are many Taiwanese public television documentary that allowspeople to better understand the local culture.
Thanked the guide and Albert.

組員:陳文靜/王怡文/陳綺雯/葉家宏/郭新豪/ 陳珈妤


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