Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Public Television Tour

We often
look at the public television program will find out why PTV will be no ads?
TV stations rely on advertising to make money is not it? The original public television station is a non-profit organization
It belongs to the public, not for the government or a political party service; are not subject to the impact of business or interest groups
And public television are services of public interest for the purpose of television media.

By October 27 as the visiting public and we learned about the main structure of a television station, operating procedures, internal equipment ...
The first is to start children's educational programs about video tour, we saw all the lights, props, equipment and furnishings have been completed in the other video of the
But also answer some of the shed on a number of equipment or personnel?
Then we went to the main control room, prop warehouse, and a total public television control room, eleven sub-control room.
However, the long-awaited satellite antenna since you do not see! Unfortunately
Read so much about a television station-house, we not only learned the name of various places, properties, functions ...
But behind the tasks entrusted to it, and most importantly teamwork. This is a great successor to be available.
A complete thing is not just a person's efforts, but many people together to create the back out of.

Although the trip so that we as the public eye-opener, but it seems still not satisfied, but basically we have recognized a major infrastructure facilities, television and the given mission.

Thank a teacher

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