Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Public Television Service TAIWAN

Public Television Service TAIWAN Reception and the whole device can be quite complete, from the sub-control complex operations there are several different live cameras set up, lighting design lighting and background color control ... We are very fortunate to come across these days is behind the scenes to adjust to the next program all the details so we can better understand the importance behind the scenes.

The visit introduced Citizens can also be found now through this pipeline to find the news, his role as a reporter. Really was very impressed to come up with the idea of people< Peopo> this way everyone is a reporter, the public can work together on social protection and supervision of unnecessary trouble, they can find a lot of the media almost a little thing we care about.

We really appreciate Public Television Service TAIWAN Visits to such, so that we can get closer and more understanding of the operation of television stations and allocation of work, is critical for our future are very great progress.



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