Monday, November 21, 2011

PTS can mean "People Together Supervise"

As everybody knows, Public Television Service Foundation was established for servicing citizens in 1982. Nowadays, being a reporter is no longer a goal which we can’t reach. Taiwan Broadcasting System created “PeoPo”, a Taiwan Citizen Journalism platform which all citizens can participate in. “Peopo” means people post. People can be the master of the media to report an important event which we consider important but it is ignored by others. People can report everything from their surroundings. No matter what we encounter, a natural disaster, social violence or unfair treatment, we can be the voice for public and for yourself. It also provides a platform to students who major in relevant departments from everywhere in Taiwan. In short, people can use the channel to express their opinions, to affect community and to supervise the government and the society. We thinks that Public Television Service can mean that people together supervise the whole society.

By team no.1


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