Monday, November 21, 2011

Institution visit - Public Television Service

(Pic: Main control room)

This is the first time to visit a television station. And we benefit a great deal.

At first, we go to a film studio, that make us more understand that the film studio have some fundament set for the program video recording. Then, the commentator told us about a program flow and a manufactures of the process. That we known about a program need more staff to accomplish it.
Next, we visit the control room, in the process, we learn that everything is under the staff's control, like sound effects, picture quality, exposure, and so on. Then, the theatrical property room is also amazing. Finally, we learn the origins, goal, and management philosophy of PTS by watching video, the field trip ends in this.

Members: 洪于雯/曾愷茵/陳芷荺/黃莉佳/王艾寧/李育寧/劉宜嘉/方婕


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